Andreas Sitschow

Born in 1987, business information scientist, B.Sc., state-certified business assistant for information processing

After graduating from high school, Andreas trained as a state-certified commercial assistant for information processing. He then graduated from a vocational high school in Augsburg and went on to study business information systems at the University of Augsburg. Immediately after graduating with a bachelor’s degree, he hit the ground running at embedded Projects Gmbh in 2016. The company changed names and Andreas moved his position from onboarding and implementation to key accounting to consulting and into the specialist team of customer care, but always he dealt with the software we know today as xentral Home. In Support, he specialized in stores, interfaces and workflows, such as accounting. But basically he is rather a specialist for all modules in xentral Home.

Andreas Sitschow in a nutshell

  • Xentral experience
    • Late 2016 – March 2021, product development, support specialist team, interfaces, accounting, consulting and implementation (onboarding)
    • Since inception: As a consultant and solution designer at digitalXL