Experience in logistics and ERP, project management and process optimization

Founders: Jörn Heller, Knut Noeske, Alex Durz, Martin Großmann, Andreas Sitschow @ digitalXL

Alex Durz

Alexander is an independent logistics and process consultant and works as a logistics consultant on a project basis. Familiar with Pixi and xentral, he connects many worlds with each other – optimally depending on the requirement.

Contact for Consulting & Logistics

Andreas Sitschow

Specializing in xentral modules, interfaces, stores and accounting, consulting and implementation, he is the one with the most Xentral experience on the team. With his foresight and project business experience, no solution is foreign to him.

Contact for consulting & xentral expert questions

Jörn Heller

Our Solution Designer for workarounds, adaptations and the use of xentral in cases that go beyond the standard. Good process analyses and creative ideas help – and the experience from 15 years of project business with his own media agency.

Contact for solution design and implementation

Knut Noeske

15+ years of experience in IT project business, passion for Business Intelligence (BI) and his xentral experience makes him an ideal project manager for integration of xentral, Pixi and other IT solutions and brain in the team for numbers and analysis.

Contact for Project Management & Business Intelligence

Martin Großmann

With a passion for logistics, he has experience with various ERPs & WMS in the logistics environment. In addition, he has cumulative xentral and Pixi knowledge and his ability to implement the processes in IT in a meaningful way. Complemented by his hands-on mentality, he is an important factor in change management.

Contact for Consulting & Logistics